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Friday, 31 March 2017

What is Fair Use in Copyright Law?

movie-918655_640The term “fair use” relates to an exemption in copyright law that permits the free use of protected materials without first seeking permission from the rights holder. But how does it work in practice and can it be relied upon?

How are creative works protected online?

Copyright allows creators of media such as photos, videos, graphics, music and film to protect their work and to prevent it being manipulated, edited or copied by other people. However, while copyright is quite a well established idea, the digital age has presented a plethora of new challenges.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Dealing with employee theft

stature-935639_640From employees fraudulently filling in travel claim forms or time sheets, to stealing company information or expensive equipment, employee theft is a serious offence that needs to be handled properly but with caution. Discovering that an employee has been stealing from you in any capacity can be highly upsetting; however acting in haste can land you in hot water.

It is highly important for an employer to act methodically when dealing with a suspected case of employee theft and have a procedure in place to follow. Acting in haste and terminating someone’s employment without all the facts could lead to a lengthy and expensive unfair dismissal claim and an employment tribunal.