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Employee Wins Age Discrimination Claim Against the BBC

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Miriam O'Reilly recently won an Employment Tribunal claim against the BBC on the grounds of age discrimination.

Ms O'Reilly had worked as a Freelance Presenter on the BBC programme Countryfile for eight years before being told in November 2008 that she was being dropped in favour of Julia Bradbury, a female Presenter more than ten years her junior, when the programme moved to a primetime Sunday evening slot in April 2009.

Ms O'Reilly said " it was hard taking on the BBC as I love the BBC but I felt I was treated badly" she added " I don't think having wrinkles is offensive".

Ms O'Reilly told the Tribunal that she was subject to cruel remarks about Botox and wrinkles in high definition which affected her confidence.

The BBC said it accepted the findings of the Tribunal and apologised to Ms O'Reilly, saying that Senior Managers would undergo further training on 'selection and appointment' with new guidance being issued.

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