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Thousands "Ripped Off" by Unregulated Will-Writers

Monday, 27 June 2011

The first Chief Legal Ombudsman, appointed in 2010, has reported that thousands of people are being ripped off by companies providing unregulated services including will writing.
A very small number of legal services can only be provided by a qualified lawyer. Will writing however can be performed by a variety of organisations and individuals, without regulation. The Legal Ombudsman is rightly concerned that this can leave consumers vulnerable; particularly at difficult times including where a loved one has died.
The Legal Ombudsman is only able to act on complaints involving the services of qualified lawyers. Unregulated providers are not therefore in their remit and are also not insured in the same way as qualified lawyers. Therefore, where an unsatisfactory service has been provided, there is no straightforward means of redress. Not only do some unregulated organisations and individuals damage the reputation of those providing a professional service, they also cause unfair competition.
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