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The best way to protect intellectual property

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

R Registered trademark in a blue backgroundAll businesses should be aware of what intellectual property is and how to protect it.

A company’s branding, the name of products, inventions, product design or an item you have produced is classed as intellectual property and can be protected to prevent others from stealing or copying them. In previous articles we have highlighted the importance of registering a trademark to protect your brand and the reputation of your business. In this article we will discuss some of the best practices for protecting a business’ brand.

Before starting the trade mark registration process it is best to ensure that what you plan to submit is unique and distinctive for the products or services you plan to register it for. For example, a technology company could not register the word ‘computer’ as a trademark but they could register ‘Apple’ or ‘Microsoft’. Additionally, the brand you plan to submit cannot be the same or similar to another trademark that is already registered within the class your products or services fall within. Therefore the key to protecting your brand is to ensure your brand is unique to your business and that you register it as a trademark.

There are several stages to the trademark registration process and it is often complicated because the product and service classes are regularly updated. Your application could also be opposed by a business that already has a similar trademark registered and who feels that your brand could infringe on theirs. To limit complications during trademark registration it is important that you seek advice from an experienced intellectual property team who specialise in trademark registration.

Rollingsons intellectual property team specialises in and is experienced with registering and protecting trademarks within the UK and other worldwide jurisdictions and within multiple classes. For more information or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us on 0207 7611 4848.

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