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The benefits of successful brand protection

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Branding wordAll businesses develop a substantial association between the company’s brand and the products or services it provides the consumer. Previously we have explained the process of registering a trademark in order to protect your brand and in this article we will focus on the benefits of successful brand protection.

Branding for your business should be carefully considered at an early stage and treated equally alongside the goals of the business. Creating a strong brand will enhance the growth of your business because your branding helps your clients or customers associate a reputation with your products or services. To ensure your developing brand and your businesses reputation is protected you should register your brand as a trademark.

Branding is recognised intellectual property and is often viewed as one of the most valuable business assets. Registering your brand as a trademark stops competition from misusing your brand and potentially damaging your reputation. Additionally, having a registered trademark will increase the value of your business and will make your business more attractive to potential investors. Once your brand is registered as a trademark you can denote this by including a ® and it is an offence to use this symbol with an unregistered trademark in some jurisdictions. You will often see ‘TM’ next to a brand to show that a word or image is trademarked but the ‘TM’ does not mean that it is registered.

Once you have registered a trademark you will be in a stronger position to combat trademark infringement. However, it is strongly advised that you seek legal advice from an experienced intellectual property law firm before doing so because if your allegations are not justified the other party could gain a significant advantage.

The law surrounding trademark protecting is delicate, complicated and many areas are prone to change. The intellectual property team at Rollingsons are experienced with registering and protecting trademarks in multiple classes and within several jurisdictions. For more information or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us on 0207 7611 4848.

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