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Speed Cameras Reduce Accidents

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Despite their unpopularity with many motorists, evidence shows that speed cameras have been effective in reducing accidents. Although cameras are often highlighted more for the revenues they produce than the accidents they prevent, figures show that the number of people killed or seriously injured on roads where they have been installed has fallen by up to two thirds in some places. Anyone who has worked with crash victims can only welcome such a trend.

The UK has around 6,000 speed cameras monitoring its roads, generating an estimated £100m in revenues. Set against that backdrop, recent figures from the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents suggest that the number of people speeding at fixed camera sites has fallen by around 70%. In addition it claims that the number of people killed or seriously injured has fallen by 42% and that overall there has been a 22% fall in collisions at camera sites.

Notwithstanding the apparent success of speed cameras in reducing crashes, every year there are still thousands of injuries on Britain's roads making traffic accidents a major source of personal injury claims. The knock-on effect is ever-increasing insurance premiums. It is believed that although speed cameras prevent nearly 800 deaths and serious injuries each year, hundreds are being killed and severely injured on Britain's roads because of drivers exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for the road conditions. Many more motorists suffer less serious injuries but these can still have a significant effect on their lives.

Due to the complex nature of claims relating to road accidents it is very important that injured parties seek independent legal advice from experienced solicitors. Although it is an area of law that receives a much media attention, it is fraught with pitfalls. A claim will generally come down to the facts as they are presented by the parties involved in the accident but often the process itself leads to a poor result for the claimant. One of the major complications encountered in the claims process is related to the number of potential parties involved - insurers, claims management companies, courtesy car companies, accident repair companies and employers. Some of these parties have great experience of the system and use it to their advantage. The best interests of the claimant are not spared in the process.

If you have had an accident and need independent legal advice Rollingsons have solicitors experienced in dealing with road accident personal injury claims. For more information please contact Sarah Vincent by email or by telephone 020 7611 4848.