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Injury Solicitors Urge Safety First for Cyclists

Thursday, 22 November 2012

At Rollingsons our personal injury solicitors are used to dealing with many forms of harm caused to people involved in road accidents. Each case reveals different forms of pain, suffering and loss and our aim is always to help clients reduce the negative effects of victims’ experience as much as possible.

Although many of our clients are involved in accidents through no fault of their own there is always scope for trying to improve measures to prevent injury in the first place. This is particularly relevant to cyclists who are among the most vulnerable groups of road users.

Obey the Law

The Highway Code contains most of the legal requirements and many recommendations that all road users should be familiar with. Cyclists must ensure that they have white front lights and red rear lights. They must also obey traffic signals and traffic lights and avoid cycling on pavements.

Tips and Training

Particular areas may have specific hazards that cyclists need to be aware of. Most councils have information for road users, with many providing cycling-specific information. TFL for example has useful tips on its website which are aimed at educating cyclists about potential hazards on the roads of London.

There are also a wide variety of training courses available for cyclists. According to government studies cyclists can more than halve the risk of injuries whilst in the saddle by participating in National Standard Road Craft sessions, for example. Simple strategies can teach cyclists how to safely interact with other road users and cut out some of the risks of riding.

Preparing to Ride

Cyclists should ensure that their bicycle is the correct size for them and in road-worthy condition. Regular checks should be made to the tyres and wheels, the brakes, the handlebars and steering, the saddle and the chain, gears and pedals. Inexperienced cyclists should seek help from their local cycle shop if they are not confident about maintaining their bike.

The Highway Code recommends cyclists wear an appropriate helmet and clothing. It also recommends the use of reflective accessories.

Cyclist may also consider getting insurance.

If You Have an Accident

In the immediate circumstances you should contact the police. If anyone is hurt then you should ensure that medical attention is sought as soon as possible. Legal advice should be sought at the earliest opportunity if injury has been caused by the fault of another party.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss a potential or current claim following a cycling accident, we have experienced lawyers who can help you. Please contact Sarah Vincent by email or by telephone 020 7611 4848.