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London’s Cycling Dangers

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sadly the number of cycling deaths on the roads of London reached double figures in August. The latest death took place during the Olympics at the height of Olympic cycle fever.

Britain’s recent sporting success in track and road racing have been inspirational for all types of cyclists but there are fears that the safety of cyclists is not being adequately prioritised in the nation’s capital. The death toll has so far reached ten in London in 2012 and campaigners are determined to limit further tragedies from happening.


Recent Cases

In July there were two fatalities within the space of two weeks. In the first case a man in his sixties was killed after a collision with an HGV; a few days later a second man in his thirties died after being hit by a car in Croydon.

The most publicised accident this year happened during the Olympics when a 28 year old man was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident right outside the Olympic Park. The circumstances of the accident are still being investigated but Mr Harris, of Waterloo Road, Barkingside, collided with the bus at the junction of Ruckholt Road and the A12, close to the border of Waltham Forest. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.14pm. He had only recently started cycling to and from work to avoid the crowds on the Underground.

The case attracted much media attention due to its proximity to the Olympic Park and sporting hero, Bradley Wiggins’, comments regarding compulsory helmet laws, iPod wearing and red-light running by cyclists, at a press conference shortly afterwards.

London Specific Issues

Although the nation as a whole is seeing a gradual rise in the popularity of cycling, in London it has risen meteorically by at least 63 per cent in the last 10 years with a massive surge since the election of the pro-cycling Boris Johnson as Mayor in 2008. Worryingly, recent figures released by TfL, also revealed the steepest rise in the number of cycling injuries in a decade. A total of 16 cyclists died on London's roads in 2011, six more than in 2010 and the highest number since 2006.

Notably around 20 per cent of cyclists who were admitted to Hospital over the period were involved in a collision with an HGV despite the fact that HGVs only account for around five per cent of London's traffic. Left-turning HGVs present a particular danger on London’s frequently narrow streets.

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