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How to Make the Most of Christmas Following a Divorce

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

At Rollingsons our family lawyers have dealt with many cases of divorce. As well as offering legal advice, we try to ensure that our service is sensitive to the emotional upheaval faced by our clients and their families.

Christmas time can be particularly difficult following divorce as individuals deal with the festive period on their own for the first time or children spend the holiday without the presence of both parents together. As the winter holiday season reaches its crescendo, feelings of isolation can be overwhelming for those faced with absences left by divorce.

To try and help keep this Christmas season bright, our family team has put together some tips based on their experiences of helping clients overcome the negative emotions associated with divorce.

Focus on the Positives

In many cases, the act of divorce stirs up negative thoughts and brings up strong feelings of guilt. But divorcees should not forget to look at the positive changes that they are now free to make in their own lives and their family’s lives. Really try and focus on celebrating Christmas rather than dwelling on the past. When it comes to children it’s important to show them the positives too; even if they are simple things such as receiving presents from both parents rather than one, for example.

Tap Your Support Network - Spend Time With Family and Friends

Close family and friends, particularly those that helped you through the separation process, can be a great source of support following a divorce. Distractions from negative introspection are very important in the post-divorce period; the people who love you and know you well are best placed to help you out when you feel down. This is especially true at Christmas when it is traditional for people to help out those in a less fortunate position than themselves.

Embrace Change - Out With the Old, In With the New

Christmas time is all about celebrating traditions but these can uncover old memories that are painful following divorce. Ditching some of the old traditions (particularly ones you liked the least) and replacing them with something new is a helpful process in moving forward. It can also be a great distraction and a means for reinvigorating excitement around Christmas; even more so if children are involved.

Get Involved With Volunteer Work

Volunteer work during the Christmas season is a rewarding activity for almost anyone; it can be very advantageous for people after they have divorced. Working with volunteer organizations or charities during the holidays gives you an opportunity to help others in need and puts you in a position to be a bright source of life to others. Volunteer work may also provide chances to bond with new people and establish relationships that can lift your spirits during the Christmas season.

From all of us at Rollingsons; Happy Christmas!

If you need to discuss your divorce with a solicitor, please contact Melanie Bataillard-Samuel via e-mail or by telephone on 0207 611 4848.

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