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Have you been a passenger in a road traffic accident? Here’s what you should know

Monday, 2 February 2015

drivingWhen it comes to road traffic accidents, it’s not just the person that’s behind the wheel that is affected. Whether through physical injury, loss of earnings or mental anguish, a passenger in a vehicle can be affected just as much as the driver should they be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, and as such they are rightfully entitled to compensation for any direct losses.

Am I entitled to claim?

If you were travelling as a passenger in a vehicle and you were in an accident then you will be entitled to compensation for any injuries you sustained. This is regardless of whether the driver of another vehicle, or the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in was at fault.

How much will I be entitled to?

The amount of money you can receive as part of your compensation can vary according to a number of factors. You can make a claim for the costs of any treatment (such as physiotherapy) that you have to undergo following the accident. Also, If you were unable to return to work then you could also look to recoup lost earnings. If you have had to replace personal items that were damaged in the accident then you may also be able to claim for them.

How do I make a claim?

The first stage of the claims process is to establish who is responsible for the accident, this could be very straightforward if the other party involved agrees that they are to blame, however it may take longer if they decide to dispute your solicitor’s claims and not accept that the incident was their fault.

If you are interested in recovering your costs and making a claim for compensation then you should seek advice from specialists. Our team of personal injury solicitors have years of experience in successfully negotiating compensation for our clients. You can call 020 7611 4848 for an initial consultation.

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